You cannot work on your stress management skills and mental well being without time, effort and practice.

Forget one hour training sessions that tell you what you "should" be doing to feel like a better version of yourself. It's not ENOUGH to really make a difference in your day to day life.

As part of The Energy Answer program, we take a different approach to preventing burnout and improving your well being.

This 3 month hybrid program (self-paced online classroom modules + live virtual calls/workshops) gives you time to:

1. Make a personalized plan,

2. Work on implementing solutions that work for YOU and your life,

3. Troubleshoot when things aren't working well for you and

4. Create new habits around your own well being.

Are you ready to feel like a better version of you?

Hi, I'm Alison

I am an advocate for managing your stress, preventing burnout in your work and personal life and being the best version of yourself.

For the past 15 years I have been training and speaking to audiences large and small, virtually and in person and I am a certified Mental Health First Aid (Basic/Standard) trainer through the Mental Health Commission of Canada teaching virtually and in person.

​ In 2017, I started experiencing physical health symptoms that I didn't understand and spent months visiting a variety of Doctors and medical professionals. Eventually I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

​ In my daily life, not much appeared to change on the outside. I continued to work full-time, raise a family and run a business. However, taking a closer look at my own mental health has had a profoundly positive impact on my own life.

I started doing the deeper work to make real change in my life around the things that were causing me to respond with stress and overwhelm. I figured out that this is a very personal journey, not a "one size fits all" strategy.

I also learned that it takes time, effort, practice and commitment to make changes in our life and it is absolutely possible and absolutely worth it. ​


Setting you up for success

Before you start The Energy Answer program we will:

1. Ensure that you have access to the self-paced online portion of the program and that everything is working properly on your end.

2. Schedule a short 1-1 call with Alison to welcome you to The Energy Answer program and answer any questions you may have.

Month 1

Setting The Foundation For Success

This month in The Energy Answer online modules you will review your current level of perceived stress (create a baseline) and consider your own self-awareness. This is key as we explore your personal stressors.

Then, you will map out your own personalized well being plan. This is strategic and unique to you. A key part of overall stress management is having a solid plan in place for things that bring you joy and relaxation. Most of us don't spend enough time thinking about this or planning our well being into our weeks. We are taking a deep-dive into figuring out what's going to work for YOU in your work and personal life.

You will:

1. Identify your personal well being goals and barriers.

2. Learn to prioritize and place value on your personal well being while leading a busy and demanding life.

3. Learn to overcome common barriers and blocks that get in out way of well being success.


Each month we have a 1-2 hour live call/workshop where we dive deeper into challenges and roadblocks you may be facing in mapping out your personalized well being plan. We'll also talk about working through common barriers to success like our mindset, activities that suck away our time like phones/social media and how to keep working on our well being when things feel tough or when we feel stuck.

Man wearing a black shirt and glasses is smiling at his laptop and holding a mug

Month 2

Stress Management

During your second month you will learn more about stress management and burnout prevention. In addition to better understanding stress, you will also explore your personal stressors and how we can better manage them. This section includes:

1. How to name your stress.

2. Identifying internal and external stressors.

3. Identifying your own perceptions of stress.

4. Identifying your current stress coping strategies.


In this month's call we will discuss how stress impacts you at work, talk about how important stress management is to your professional and personal well being and really focus on practical tools to PRACTICE how you are responding to stress in your day to day.

Month 3

Build Your Skills

Month 3 of The Energy Answer program focuses on some important skills that support stress management. You will explore:

1. Setting effective boundaries in your professional and personal life.

2. Your screen time and its impact on your day to day wellness and mental well being.

3. How to prioritize your well being with a busy schedule.

4. Other tools and resources to help you reduce overwhelm and practice stress management.


In our final call we will talk about implementing and communicating boundaries with an opportunity to brainstorm and practice what this looks like in our workplaces and family life.


  • Who should take The Energy Answer program?

    This program is designed for anyone working in fast-paced, demanding careers, business owners, and leaders.

  • How much does The Energy Answer program cost?

    There are two pricing structures for The Energy Answer program.

    Option 1

    Join as a 1-1 individual participant. You receive access to 3 months of the online program modules plus three 1-1 personal calls with Alison as outlined in the monthly descriptions above.

    Your Investment: $997 +HST (CAD)

    Option 2

    Join as a workplace group (pricing for a group of 10). Each participant receives access to 3 months of the online program modules plus three GROUP calls with Alison as outlined in the monthly descriptions above.

    Your investment: $5950 + HST (CAD) or $595 per participant.

Feedback from Energy Answer Participants

Fantastic Experience

"Fantastic experience. I really enjoyed looking at my stress and stressors in this program. It makes you think about it almost from an outside perspective, with tools to reflect and make improvements"

Preventing Burnout

"The Energy Answer program breaks down the overwhelming into enjoyable pieces. If you want to be successful with stress management and burnout prevention I recommend the sections on setting boundaries and developing a self care plan that supports your unique needs".

I have a plan now!

"Before the Energy Answer, I never actually put meaningful thought into what I need to do for setting boundaries or how I cope with stress. Now I have a plan for focusing on the most essential parts of my day and taking the time to enjoy them".