Building stress management skills takes time, effort and practice.

The Energy Answer program is 3 months of online self-paced learning + 3 live calls/workshops designed for workplace teams.

Key Outcomes:

1. Build self awareness.

2. Learn about stress management skills and how to feel less overwhelmed.

3. Improve communication at work.

4. Learn to better support your own mental and physical well being and create better work-life balance.

5. Reduce risks of burnout at work.

Feedback from Energy Answer Participants

Fantastic Experience

"Fantastic experience. I really enjoyed looking at my stress and stressors in this program. It makes you think about it almost from an outside perspective, with tools to reflect and make improvements"

Preventing Burnout

"The Energy Answer program breaks down the overwhelming into enjoyable pieces. If you want to be successful with stress management and burnout prevention I recommend the sections on setting boundaries and developing a self care plan that supports your unique needs".

I have a plan now!

"Before the Energy Answer, I never actually put meaningful thought into what I need to do for setting boundaries or how I cope with stress. Now I have a plan for focusing on the most essential parts of my day and taking the time to enjoy them".

Hi, I'm Alison

I am an advocate for managing your stress, preventing burnout in your work and personal life and being the best version of yourself.

For the past 15 years I have been training and speaking to audiences large and small, virtually and in person and I am a certified Mental Health First Aid (Basic/Standard) trainer through the Mental Health Commission of Canada teaching virtually and in person.

​ In 2017, I started experiencing physical health symptoms that I didn't understand and spent months visiting a variety of Doctors and medical professionals. Eventually I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

​ Learning to manage my stress, workload and taking a closer look at my own mental health has had a profoundly positive impact on my own life. I figured out that this is a very personal journey, not a "one size fits all" strategy.

I also learned that it takes time, effort, practice and commitment to make changes in our life and it is absolutely possible and absolutely worth it. The Energy Answer program is a proactive solution to support a better you at work. ​